Watch Online – “San Antonio: Shining Example” – The Woolworth Building

A visual chronology of the events that led up to San Antonio’s definitive moment in Civil Rights history on March 16, 1960, created by The Conservation Society of San Antonio. 


Watch the full video here:


Brief History:

“On February 1, 1960, African American students peacefully opposed racial segregation by sitting down and requesting service at a Woolworth lunch counter in Greensboro, North Carolina. Refused service, they kept returning and inspired a national movement as other black students across the South followed their example.

San Antonio’s Woolworth on Alamo Plaza was one of seven local stores that desegregated their lunch counters without sit-ins on March 16, 1960. This peaceful and voluntary action made headlines at a time when other Southern cities responded to student protests with arrests and violence”.

The Woolworth Building opened in 1921 and is a visible link to Alamo Plaza’s little-known civil rights history. It was designated as a State Antiquities Landmark by the Texas Historical Commission (2019), but NOT guaranteed to be safe from demolition by the General Land Office of the State of Texas, Commissioner George P. Bush.



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