Mrs. Dorothy Collins’ Momentous Work for Rights in SA!

Mrs. Dorothy Collins, NAACP-SA’s Membership and Life Membership Committee Chair, was recently highlighted for her momentous work during the civil rights movement!

“Collins, who later broke color barriers as a teacher, counselor and principal for the Edgewood Independent School District, had purchased an expensive diamond watch from Joske’s. She felt she deserved equal treatment.

Now approaching her 90th birthday, she recalls demonstrating outside the store, carrying a sign that urged people not to do business there.

“I felt very sad because I wanted to be called a first-class citizen,” she said. “We were spending a lot of money at Joske’s. We were tired of not being able to have all the privileges of other people.”

Excerpt from “’San Antonians are setting examples’ – Civil rights history a key feature of Alamo project” By Scott Huddleston. September 3, 2021. San Antonio Express-News.

Photo by Jerry Lara /Staff photographer



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