NAACP-SA HISTORY: East Side Pushes for Hospital

 In 2013, residents claimed East Side had the highest rates of cancer, teen suicide, and diabetes recorded in San Antonio and that the area didn’t have a  labor and delivery care health care facility.
“We’re talking tax dollars being spent without us getting any representation,” said Lou Miller, the activist leading the East Side’s latest rallying cry for more health care services. “The indigent don’t have a whole lot of choices other than to travel to find themselves some health services.”
“Miller and a dozen others — including officials with the NAACP’s San Antonio branch, UHS, and the city, as well as the East Side activities and residents — discussed the long-simmering issue at the University Health System-Eastside Clinic”.
“East Side pushes for hospital, childbirth care” By Peggy O’Hare Peggy O’Hare. May 22, 2013. San Antonio Express-News.



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