Orders from NAACP members only!
 The Branch will accept payment in the form of cash, check, or money orders.
 Checks and money orders shall be payable to NAACP San Antonio Branch.

 NAACP San Antonio Jackets:
o Men (all sizes including Tall) AND Women (all sizes)
o NAACP Colors (Blue & Gold), 100% Polyester, Lined, Water Repellent, Front Side Pockets,
Front Zipper, Washable
o The wording (NAACP San Antonio) appears on both men’s & women’s jackets

Jacket Sizes and Prices:
XS-XL $40.00
2XL     $42.00
3XL    $43.00
4XL     $44..00
5XL    $45.00
6XL    $47.00

NAACP San Antonio Scarf $25


Polo Shirts are:
 NAACP blue and gold
 Includes NAACP Logo, Texas State Symbol, & City Name (San Antonio)
 Washable, no iron, 100% polyester (lightweight & cool for summer heat)
 Short sleeve and colorful
 Available in various sizes including (Men’s Tall)
 Mens’ polo (with buttons) and Women’s polo (no buttons)


Accepting Cash, Check, or Money Orders only! Make check payable to San Antonio Branch NAACP

To order call Mentoria Sherfield @ 210-859-7790 or Vivian Jones @ 210-861-7319

Pickup shirts at San Antonio Branch Office: Barbara Jordan Center, 2803 East Commerce, Su. 7, SAT 78203

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