Oppose House Bill 4340





At the April 13, 2023 General Membership meeting, Ms. Mary Finger, Chair, Labor and Industry, made a presentation which opposed school vouchers. She reported House Bill 4340 supports vouchers for school students to go to private schools. Public schools in Texas are already underfunded. These are taxpayers’ dollars and should be used to support public schools. Please write to your state representative opposing this bill.
The following is a list of members of the Bexar County Delegation of the Texas House of Representatives with whom you can communicate.
HD 116 – trey.martinezfischer@house.texas.gov
HD 117 – philip.cortez@house.texas.gov
HD 118 – john.lujan@house.texas.gov
HD 119 – elizabeth.campos@house.texas.gov
HD 120 – barbara.gervin-hawkins@house.texas.gov,
HD 121 – steve.allison@house.texas.gov
HD 122 – mark.dorazio@house.texas.gov
HD 123 – diego.bernal@house.texas.gov
HD 124 – josey.garcia@house.texas.gov
HD 125 – janie.lopez@house.texas.gov

If you would like a copy of the letters which can be used as a template to communicate with the representative, please email sanantonionaacp@gmail.com and you will be sent a copy.

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