April 2024 SA Community Calendar

    San Antonio Branch NAACP Community Calendar April 2024 Submitted by the Community Coordination Committee Chair, Maria S. Greene   2024 ELECTIONS There will

San Antonio Area School Board Information

San Antonio Area School Board Information[120143] (1) (1) This information was provided by Patsy Newborn, Ph.D.; NAACP San Antonio Branch, Education Committee Chair    

Planning Founders Day 2024

Mrs. Taylor, our office manager, invited members of the UTSA chapter of the NAACP to the Branch office. They spoke with President Hudspeth, Education Chair,

School Board Advocacy Townhall

Do you have kids in a San Antonio area school? Are you invested in the education of our children? Are you concerned about any of

Take Your Seat Rally! 13 Feb 2024

We are challenging Senate Bill 1 which will criminalize certain types of mail-voting assistance and certain types of political speech in the “physical presence” of