San Antonio Branch

​​​​​​Armed Services and Veterans’ Affairs

                                                         Armed Forces and Veterans' Affairs Chairman:     Mr. David Sherman

The committee on Armed services and Veterans' Affairs shall: (1) seek to establish a working relationship with those agencies in government, national, state, and local, having the responsibility in the affairs of members of the various Armed Services and Veterans and to see that the programs to which they are responsible are administered fairly and justly to members of the minority community; (2) study conditions pertaining to veterans and members of the Military Service and their dependents and/or survivors in the community; (3) serve as a center of information on matters affecting the members of the Active Military, Reserve, and State National Guard and Veterans; (4) maintain a repository of materials, information, and forms to be used in assisting veterans and/or dependents of veterans and military personnel with their problems; (5) receive and act on all complaints relative to acts of discrimination on account of race, color, creed, or denial of benefits to which they are entitled because of discrimination; (6) prepare a quarterly report on committee activities to be submitted to the Executive Committee of the Branch and the National Director of Armed Services and Veterans' Affairs.

                                         Important Resource Links

  Texas Veterans Benefits:                          
  Bexar County Veterans Office:                
  Military City USA – San Antonio:             
  Texas Veterans Commission:                  
  Texas Veterans Organization:                          
  Department of Veterans Affairs:            
  DD-214 Replacement:                              
  Disabled American Veterans:                 
  Homeless Veterans:                                          
  Surviving Spouses and Dependents:              
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  Post 9/11 GI Bill:                                        


                                     South Texas Veterans Health Care System

                  Frank Tejeda VA Outpatient Clinic 5788 Eckhert Road  San Antonio, TX 78240  (210) 699-2100

   The Health Benefits Advisor  (210) 699-2133  After Hours: (888) 686-6350

North Central Federal Clinic 17440 Henderson Pass San Antonio, Texas 78232  (210) 483-2900

or After Hours: (888) 686-6350 

Veterans Frequently Called Numbers

U.S. Veterans Affairs Department (210) 358-5701
Veterans Benefits Counselors       (800) 827-1000
1055 Ada St. San Antonio, TX 78223

Claims Representative (210) 221-2044 1706 Stanley Road Suite TVC  -  Ft. Sam Houston, Texas 78234   

Texas Veterans Commission (210) 617-5175 / (210) 699-5000 7400 Merton Minter St. San Antonio, TX 78229

Counseling Services Veterans of Foreign Wars (210) 223-4096   611 N Flores St, San Antonio, TX 78205

Texas Rio Grande Legal Aid 1111 N. Main Ave. San Antonio, TX 78212 (210) 212-3700

A nonprofit organization that provides free legal services to the residents of Southwest Texas who are unable to afford the fees of attorneys in private practice. The Veteran's Benefits Law Team protects the rights of veterans and their families who have been unfairly treated or denied benefits.

San Antonio Branch